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A virus has broken out and almost the whole population has mutated into zombies. Only a few people have survived. You are one of them and have to fight masses of zombies!

But not only zombies are your problem: Most players are not friendly, because they want your stuff. The first rule is: Don't trust anyone!

Our most popular minigame, DayZ.

DayZ is a minigame based on a mod created for the game Arma II.

The idea of DayZ is that you spawn in a world where a dangerous virus has broken out, people are turning into zombies. You are one of the people that survived. Now you have to fight zombies, fight player and find loot to stay alive.

You will spawn in the far south of the map, how further north you go, how more dangerous it gets.

In order to stay alive you will need water, food, weapons, medicines and a brain. Do not trust random people! Most of them just want your stuff.

The following things you will need to survive:

- One or more lime dyes (Antibiotics)

- One or more papers (Bandages)

- One or more bottles filled with water.

- Weapons

- Food

Lime Dye: Lime dye will be named antibiotic in the game, you need to use this when a zombie poisoned you.

Paper: Paper will be named bandage in the game, sometimes you will start bleeding after taking damage, use a bandage to stop the bleeding.

Bottle: Bottles are used to fill with water. Your EXP level will show your water level. (Note! Not the EXP bar only the EXP level!) Your water level will start at 20 after drinking or spawning. When your water level reaches 0, you will slowly start to dehydrate.

Weapons: Of course you will need weapons! Were you planning on killing all the zombies with your fist? Your sword will be your main weapon, but a bow may be useful as well.

Food: You will need food as well, when your hunger bar reaches 0, you will start dying.


Chat range: You will only be able to chat with people that are within a range of 80 blocks.

Kits: You will start with a specific amount of supplies, how many and what depends on what kit you choose. (Note! Not all ranks may use a specific kit.)

Ranks: When you buy a rank, you will receive more options to use in game. Most of the new options are for DayZ. Click here to learn more about ranks.

Loot: Chests will respawn every 300 seconds. Every place will have other loot, remember, how further north you go, how more dangerous it gets but how better the loot gets.

Dungeons: Dungeons are special places in DayZ. Usually the loot is better then just normal buildings, however dungeons are normally the most dangerous places in the map.

Poisoned: A zombie might poison you, right-click your mouse button with a lime dye (antibiotic) in your hand to stop the poison from killing you.

Bleeding: When taking damage, you risk to start bleeding, to stop the bleeding right-click your mouse button with a paper (bandage) in your hand.

Map: The map exist out of 2 major parts, Rupzel and Arson. Arson is the smallest region, it is the spawn region. Your adventure starts in Arson! Rupzel is further north, that makes it more difficult. You are only able to reach Rupzel when crossing one of the 3 bridges in the far north of Arson.

EXP bar: The EXP bar shows your visibility to zombies. If you start sprinting for example, the ball will be filled that means zombies will sport you quicker.

EXP level: As said above, the EXP level shows your water level.

Zombies: The normal zombies are stronger then in normal Minecraft. They are fast, strong and annoying.

Baby zombie: A baby zombie is really annoying! They are fast and deal a lot of damage!

Giant: A giant will act as a boss. It's not in the game ATM.

Pigmen: A pigmen will act as a more powerful zombie.

GameCraftNL DayZ tutorial:

For more information, check our wiki. Click here!